Decision making 8.0

A workshop to improve decision-making and support leadership in the world of data and mass information.

A science-based approach.

The success of our decisions depends on how we capture and process information related to a given situation.

To analyse a situation objectively, it is important to understand the key elements impacting our reasoning: available information and causal thinking.

During this workshop we dive into these two key elements and enhance our reasoning with the science of statistical thinking – a key to analyse any situation more objectively.

Statistical thinkers

The questions we answer

The skills you improve

Who is it for?

For those in middle management or senior management position, regardless of industry or type of organisation.

What is the number of participants per workshop?

A minimum 5 and maximum 18.

Can the workshop be done in-house or as a part of team-building activities?

Yes, tailor-made options are available.


Decision making 8.0 workshop is a successor of our Decision making 7.0 courses.


Both trainings introduce a science-based approach to analyse any situation more objectively.

Which is better for me?

If your professional interest is to improve leadership in your organisation, Decision making 8.0 workshop is for you since it uses examples to support development of skills for tackling organisational biases – a hidden threat to organisational success.

If your professional interest is in leadership in the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence, Decision making 7.0. is for you and you can read more about it here.

About instructor

Dr. Ana Kolar has significant experience in teaching at university level. She is able to introduce and explain complex topics in a simple manner. Ana is the creator of the new approach for developing statistical thinking skills – the leading skills for effective decision-making in the digital era. Read more about Ana here.


When and where?

Decision making 8.0 is an in-person workshop of a minimum one and a half day duration. It is suitable for team building retreats as also organisational in-house trainings. If you are interested in hosting the workshop, please get in touch via

If interested in online learning, check out our online courses.