Decision making 7.0


Improve your decision-making in the world of data and mass information

Decision making 7.0 is a course that equips you with tools, techniques and data thinking to lead healthy developments of digital societies and effective AI journeys.

You will expand your understanding of objectivity in data insights and information, and upgrade your skills with the leading skills of the digital era – statistical thinking

On the road to objectivity

During the course, you learn about the key statistical concepts and data thinking practices that are used in the process of obtaining objective information. We look at what causal thinking is and how it influences our understanding of data and information.

A number of real world examples are discussed, such as:

  • why AI algorithms are often biased and unfair
  • how to recognize biases in data insights
  • what questions to ask to validate accuracy of data insights
  • how to deal with uncertainty in fast paced times



Companies that are upgrading their data-driven activities to take advantage of products like Decision making 7.0, have been estimated to improve their profits by more than 5%.

Where & when


Hilton Strand Helsinki, 14.00 - 19.00h

11.09.2019, Course 1


Venue: TBA, 14.00 - 19.00h

30.10.2019, Course 1

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Price: 1250 € + VAT

Only 15 seats per course.

About instructor

Dr. Ana Kolar has significant experience in teaching at university level. She is able to introduce and explain complex topics in a simple manner. Ana is the creator of the new approach for developing statistical thinking skills – the leading skills for effective decision-making in the digital era. Read more about Ana here.

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